Factors To Consider When Choosing Furniture Slipcovers

Have you been bored by your existing home decor? If yes then you should make an effort of working on it. This is an important process which might affect your daily routine and lifestyle if you decide to postpone it. The process of renovating your living room will make it more attractive, valuable and welcoming. Sometimes you might feel irritated when you are living in a house which is not transformed.

There are many solutions and ideas which can be adapted to transform the vibe. For instance, you can replace your old pieces of furniture which have lost their grandeur with new ones. Slipcovers are used for covering the furniture pieces. However, you are advised to very careful when choosing these covers as you might end up losing your money if you happen to pick the wrong one. The steps highlighted below will help you in choosing the right slipcovers for your furniture.

Identifying the pattern

The slipcover’s pattern is determined by the taste of the user. Simple patterns and traditional shades are suited for the traditional homes. Zig Zag slip covers are used in covering furniture by those people who love contrasting things. Dining rooms and kid’s room should be covered with thematic slipcovers which have the relevant pictures.



The beauty of a room is mainly determined by the colour of the chosen slipcovers. The chosen colours should make a positive impact on the general appearance of the room by making it more appealing. The nature of your household and the room should also be taken into account when purchasing a slipcover. You should have the suitable combination of both the pattern and the fabric’s colour to make your room appealing.

A sofa slipcover which has a plain colour should be complimented by a colourful and a patterned pillow slipcover. Dark colours should be chosen over light colours when it comes to the dining chairs. Dark colours are good in exposing marks and stains.The kid’s playroom furniture should be covered with bright colours. These colours are considered to be very attractive to kids.


The type of the material selected will play a vital role in determining the durability of your slipcovers. Again you should choose fabric which can be maintained easily. For those people who love changing their slipcovers more frequently, they are advised to choose fabric which can be washed easily. Denim, Corduroy, and cotton fabrics are suited for those homes which have pets and kids.