How Leaky And Clogged Air Ducts Pose A Danger To Your Home

Air ducts are the channels needed to carry heated or cool air to and from the air conditioner. However, if there is an anomaly in your ducts, you are bound to realize significant challenges in your home. If you are experiencing problems with your indoor air quality bills, poor indoor air quality, and problems with air quality. On that note, here are some ways anomalies in the air duct system affect the quality of our lives.

High energy bills


High energy bills can be linked to the poor state of the air conditioning system. If the main problemĀ is leakages in the ducts, your AC unit will have to be overworked. On the other hand, in case the air ducts are dirty or clogged, expect to pay more on your utility bills. The only way to address this is to have these systems inspected regularly and repaired.

Short lifespan of HVAC systems

Inefficiencies in your air ducts have a direct impact on the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner. The presence of leakages in your duct has the effect of overworking the air conditioner before the temperatures reach the thermostat settings. As such, overworking your air conditioner will have an effect on its lifespan and efficiency. That said, cleaning air ducts is also for the good of the air conditioning unit.

Reduced indoor air quality

An air conditioning unit with leaks often sucks in dust and other allergens present in your home. As a result, these elements will be blown into your air space. This has the effect of having your home dirty right after cleaning. It also has a direct impact on our health considering that dust and pollens are linked to all manner of respiratory ailments. Again, air duct cleaning and general repairs offer the best solution to addressing air quality related problems.

Clogged air filters

aqDQASDcAdsHaving debris on your duct system has a direct effect on the air filter. The air filter is bound to clog quickly, which requires you to change it more often. Failure to replace the air filter often leads to indoor air quality issues and high electricity bills.

If you are convinced that your air ducts are not in the right shape, it is advisable to have them inspected and cleaned. This way, any holes or leak spots will be filled and debris inside the ducts cleaned. In case you need a professional to do this for you, Duct Cleaning Dallas experts can be a great option for you.…